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Design & Marketing Co-op 

Designed digital and print assets for the website, social media, conferences and marketing campaigns such as the Cyber Monday promotion. Developed a new template and created images for emails, which are viewed by 9 million people weekly. Wrote Spanish emails weekly and published content on Spanish social media daily. Analyzed and reported on marketing data. Translated from English to Spanish and Portuguese.

launch campaign for Master's programs

developed email, website, and social marketing. goal was to be disruptive, loud, and clear. ​


paid ads for different programs

designed backgrounds with provided copy for many different formats.


email marketing

created hero images for spanish and english emails weekly.



created assets for several campaigns that ran on email and on social media. came up with design and look for all of the posts. also developed all of the different size formats.


email redesign

redesigned email layout to make them more efficient and easy to read. emails are sent three times a week to three million people.


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